About Us

The Muscle Shoals Songwriters Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization who’s mission is to bring songwriters and music lovers together from all across the globe.

MSSF Mission Statement:

  • To bring people together through music
  • To celebrate and give a platform to diverse voices, experiences, and points of view
  • To invest in songwriters by providing education, collaborative tools and opportunities that break down music industry barriers
  • To honor the history of Muscle Shoals and facilitate the continuance of its magical, musical synergy for generations

MSSF Core Values:

  • Passion - With purpose and energy, we employ passion, which propels us to take action in ways that impact our communities positively in accordance with our values and beliefs.
  • Unity -We seek to promote unity through creating shared musical experiences which build social connection, trust, cooperation and empathy.
  • Diversity -We celebrate the diversity of thought, experiences, and points of view through the expression of music from songwriters of diverse genres, diverse ages, diverse genders, diverse ethnicities, and diverse races.
  • Egalitarianism -We believe in the equal worth of every individual and the equal value of every individual’s point of view, experience, and expression. We promote equality in opportunity for every individual seeking to express themselves through songwriting.
  • Legacy - We honor the magical history of Muscle Shoals and in all our efforts, we seek to invoke, preserve, and foster that same spirit in legacy for generations to come.

MSSF Value Proposition:

For corporate sponsors and partners, we provide an opportunity to grow brand visibility and recognition and create civic goodwill through participating in an authentic and unique musical experience dedicated to celebrating diversity and creating unity through music in the same spirit that has been invoked historically in the hit recording capital of the world, Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

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Phillip White

Lindsay Siddall

Daphne Harding - Smith